Artist: Humanity and Wild Nature

Moira Bateman, a contemporary visual artist living in Minneapolis explores humanity and wild nature mostly through large scale sculptures including mixed media and fiber, often working on-site with specific landscapes. Her most recent work was inspired by ten landscapes. She visited a cross section of Minnesota’s wild to allow the natural waterways to mark long silk sheaths. The raw silk was left submerged in bogs, rivers, lakes, a fen and a vernal pool over the summer of 2014, and then stitched, felted and painted with beeswax and pigment. 

Recent Articles

Exhibition Installation University of Minnesota
January 11, 2015

Exhibition Installation this week at the College of Design, University of Minnesota. It was a wonderful week installing Elements in Material: Lost Lake Peatland to Pin Oak Prairie this week. The talented curator is Deborah Ultan Boudewyns and the space...

Art Exhibitions Approaching
December 06, 2014

Two upcoming solo exhibitions of new work in January and February of 2015.    "Memorarae: Medial in Nature" A mixed media installation including wood, found object, fossilized bison bone, soil, linen, and photos. Exploring ideas of humanity, the mother, devotion,...

Visual Artist Grant Project
December 03, 2014

2014 Minnesota State Arts Board Visual Artist Initiative Grant. My latest work is based on protected landscapes across Minnesota known as Scientific and Natural Areas. The ten locations represent a cross section of the ten basic landscape or ecological types across...